Tanzania: Serengeti

We arrived at Serengeti late in the day. Views stretched out to the horizon and immediately we knew this was a special place. Within minutes we saw lion cubs and their mother, herds of gazelle and beautiful rock formations. Based on watching documentary television and what has been written in the press I expected it to be difficult to spot animals perhaps seeing one here and another there. I hardly anticipated the vast herds of zebra, wildebeest and antelope we witnessed. In California it’s not unusual to see cattle, deer or turkeys walking along the side of the road, imagine instead elephants, hyenas and giraffes!

While we were traveling north toward the Kenyan border we noticed a number of zebra heading toward a rock outcropping. When we rounded the rocks we saw a crowd of zebra romping joyfully in a large pool of water. A little further down the road there were several more zebra rolling around in the red dirt of the road giving them a dusty ochre coat. Who would have guessed zebra were so playful.

Nico’s knowledge of animals was remarkable. He had an ability to spot subtle differences in foliage indicating game we had missed. I enjoyed taking photographs and showing them to Nico on the screen of my Nikon, it was a real treat to hear him laugh and say “you got a good one!”.

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