Jan 18

Lions and Tigers, Who Rules the Jungle?

We have had the opportunity to spend time on safari in East Africa and Central India were we’ve had the rare pleasure to see and photograph African Lions and Bengal Tiger in their natural environments.

African Lions, Mating Pair. Serengeti, Tanzania. 2018

Both large cats are absolutely magnificent, they are in fact the two largest cat species alive today. An adult male African lion can weight as much as 550 pounds or 250 kg while an adult male Bengal Tiger can weigh as much as 700 pounds or 325 kg!

I asked our naturalists and guides while on safari in India who would win in a fight between an African Lion and a Bengal Tiger. Without hesitation the response was “tiger, hands down”. Why were they so sure?

Tigress Kill. Ranthambore, India. 2018

A tiger is larger and heavier than a lion and tigers have the largest teeth of any cat species. Lions hunt in packs called prides and their prey typically weighs up to 1200 pounds. Tigers are solitary hunters and their average prey weighs around 900 pounds. Both are carnivores and a tiger will eat anything, even other tigers!

Male Tiger. Kanha, India. 2018

One of our tiger guides told us a story about a young male tiger that went into the territory of an older male tiger and they had a huge fight. The younger male killed the older male and ate every last bit of him. “it happened right over there” the guide said pointing to a small hill in the distance.

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Feb 14

African Elephant

Yesterday I was pining for the days of black and white photography. This is probably because I’ve been looking at all the new mirrorless cameras being released which got me thinking about monochrome rangefinder photography. While I don’t miss mixing chemicals or the smell of stop bath I do miss the emphasis monochrome places on tonality, line and shape. It’s a different aesthetic. So, I began going through my library of images to find one I could convert to monochrome. A little while ago I did a black and white conversion on one my landscape images from the high steppe in Central Asia using Silver Efex Pro and I think it came out pretty nicely. For this African elephant image I chose Agfa APX 100 film grain since this was an emulsion I had used quite a bit and was familiar with it’s qualities. In addition I used a glass plate emulator for the vignette and antique look.

Elephant, Lake Manyara.

Elephant, Lake Manyara

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