Nov 17

Blue Boat and the Call to Adventure

Blue Boat, Morocco. 2015

It’s that time. The call of the wind and the waves and the sea, the call to adventure.

Mar 17

Travel in Bhutan

Bhutan is unique and special. The flight into Paro Airport is legendary and exciting. Nestled on the southern slope of the Himalayas, this small buddhist country has become famous for it’s “Gross National Happiness” in contrast to gross national product. Indeed it’s main sources of revenue are hydroelectric power and tourism. The people are lovely, their fabrics colorful and the yak tasty.

Monk twirling prayer beads, Bhutan. 2016.

As with many paces in Asia, the people don’t mind being photographed as long as it is done in a respectful manner. It is not acceptable to photograph inside a shrine or temple or to photograph monks during prayer.

Master Monk, Bhutan. 2016

The Bhutanese are master artisans and take pride in preserving their traditional arts and crafts.

Weaver, Bhutan, 2016

They have worked closely with the Japanese in developing their paper industry. Being a paper junky and collector I visited one of their paper making facilities and had a great time watching and photographing them at work. It is very similar to other handcrafted processes I’ve seen in other countries yet they manage to put their own unique stamp on it.

Papermaker, Bhutan. 2016.

While visiting one of the remote monasteries, a group of nomads arrived with their families to receive blessings from the monks and masters. It was a fortunate time for us to be there.

In the kitchen, Bhutan. 2016


Feb 17

Comprehensive Long Term Nikon Df Review

Kind of Blue. Essaouiria, Morocco. 2015. Nikon Df, Nikkor 16-35mm f/4 ED VR, ISO 100

I’ve decided to take all of my experience of using the Nikon Df while traveling around the world and using the camera in all conditions and turn it into a comprehensive long term review. This review will be updated with information and photographs and real life use as I continue to use this lovely little camera. This camera is becoming more prescient especially when we consider that Leica M10 2017 = Nikon Df 2013.

The Nikon Df article is here.