Nov 16

Around the World. The Journey Begins

The overnight flight from the USA to Switzerland was relatively uneventful except for a patch of turbulence that set me on edge. We had a few hours to spend in Zurich so naturally we walked around the most active, vibrant and beautifully lit parts of the city. That’s one of the perks of rail travel, the main train stations are often located in the most interesting downtown areas.

Nocturne. Zurich, Switzerland. 2016

Nocturne. Zurich, Switzerland. 2016

After putting our luggage in lockers at the train station, we set off to explore and Zurich did not disappoint.The city was done up for the winter holidays as the misty air, lights, and architecture provided a feast for the eyes, so the street side smell of roasting nuts filled the nostrils and brought to mind music, celebration and joyous times.

After we walked for a while and saw the sights we settled down for a pizza Margherita and something to drink near the station.The train was on time and the trip continued without a hitch.

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