Apr 15

New Images and Getting Caught Up

We have been on a bit of a whirlwind recently and lots of exciting things have been happening. First, our hard work as participants in the Richard Dischler Workshops has borne fruit. Both Christy and myself have exhibited our printed work and as a result a number of opportunities have presented themselves. Second, we both participated in a landscape photography workshop in Death Valley, more on that later.

Dick Dischler’s influence on my photography has been significant and done wonders to get me to see differently and recapture some of the magic that attracted me to photography in the first place. He has also gotten me to focus on how my images will look in their ultimate form as prints. Much of my time going forward will be spent not only creating work but mastering to art of printing. To that end we have a new Epson 3880, wish me luck.

Untitled. Hiroshima, 2014

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